Our Collaborations

1. Dept. of Community Medicine at K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai, has adopted Pratiksha Nagar area (largely an urban slum) at Sion-Koliwada for Comprehensive Health Care Services. In collaboration with K. J. Somaiya Medical College we have started creating awareness among the community on breast cancer since January 2014. With the objective of motivating women above 40 years to undergo clinical breast examination and mammography for woman above 55 years of age, we have so far covered 1907 women since Jan 2014; with 750 women receiving health education on breast cancer and were trained on self breast examination,400 have undergone clinical breast examination and 110 women underwent mammography.

2. With the success of this project another project was initiated in rural Panvel in March 2016 through the Dept. of Community Medicine at K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai.

3. 3500 new breast cancer cases are reported every year at the Tata Memorial Hospital(TMH ) Mumbai –  website : https://tmc.gov.in/)  , of which 10-15% cannot pay (The target group to receive funds), 30% need partial support while 50% can pay for their treatment fully. The Cost per patient is as follows :
• Curative with chemotherapy $550 for full course
• Curative hormonal therapy, $850 over period of 5 years
Surgical costs are covered by TMH and Maina Foundation funds some of the post operative treatments. The selection process is conducted by TMH to determine who receives the aid & funds are not handed over to women directly. TMH maintains reporting & tracking system for these funds.

4. In collaboration with the Dept. of Community Medicine JNMC a BCASP Project has been initiated. The breast cancer awareness program was initiated in village Yelikeli, with a population of about 4923, is a small village in Seloo Taluka in Wardha District of Maharashtra State, India located about 753 kms from Mumbai.The project was started by inviting ladies at the village panchayat and some at the local police station premises.
The project has covered more than 400 women by July 2016, from Yelakeli, Wardha district with baseline survey. The data obtained from baseline survey has also been entered in a pre-designed excel sheet so that the data is analyzed and reported after the survey completion. Tracking card will be distributed to all beneficiary women in the project so that the other stages like CBE, mammogram are tracked sequentially. This becomes our second rural project .


Collaborations: AIIMS Rishikesh

Collaborations: UE LifeSciences

Collaborations: ADYAR Cancer Institute