Maina Foundation – India

Maina Foundation has also set up a separate trust in India to carry out the day to day operations and monitor activities In India.

In line with this mission following activities have been carried out by Maina Foundation India (MF, India)

  1. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 MF India carried out the due diligence to enable MF USA to donate mammography machines to Trust and hospitals. Accordingly, the organizations were identified as Lion Centre, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai, Matru Seva Sangh, Nagpur,and Kalapuram General Hospital, Khichan (palodi)  in Rajsthan.
  2. MF India continues to monitor the operational activities at all these three centres.
  3. MF USA donates to Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH)on an intermittent basis since 2013,  for post operative care of the patients. The funds are wire transferred from USA and  MF India keeps track of the deployment /application of funds by receiving regular reports from TMH and interacting with the TMH team on a regular basis.
  4. Women 50 years of age are motivated to undergo Mammography, which is organised in the Community.In collaboration with the Department of Community Medicine, K.J.Somaiya Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai MF India is  working in the Pratikshangar area, Sion to create awareness among the community regarding breast cancer. Like TMH the funds are directly wire transferred by MF USA. From the year 2014, January, we have started creating awareness in the community on breast cancer through door to door health education of women. The women are taught how to conduct self breast examination by the health workers. The women above 40 years of age are referred by the health workers to undergo clinical breast examination at our clinic, situated at Urban Health Training Centre of K.J.Somaiya Medical College in the Pratikshangar. All women aboveWe have surveyed about 750 women, of which 400 women have undergone Clinical Breast Examination and 110 have undergone Mammography. All the services to the women are provided free of cost. Further reinforcement of Self Breast Examination is done through quarterly visits to the women. Women found to be detected with any abnormalities in clinical examination or Mammography are provided further free diagnostic workup through conducting mammography camps. During 2014 we have conducted 4 such camps. The documentation, monitoring is done by MF India. The funding for the project has been done by Maina Foundation through donations received from our patrons.
  5. Maina Foundation in collaboration with MGM Hospital, Vashi organized a breast cancer awareness camp on 8th March 2014 and at Ganesh Mandir, Sector 2 Vashi on 8th March 2015, under the aegis of International Women’s’ Day.  The Program highlights were : : A 15 minute film on the subject, lecture by special guests- eminent doctors in this field, a self examination demo and real life account of breast cancer survivor. More than 120 ladies attended this program. One of the valiant BC survivors narrated her story as well. The interactive Q & A session was the cherry top.
  6. MF India has also started getting donations through patrons and at events conducted by MF India. MF India receives applications from destitute women in need of post operative care. Accordingly MF India screens the applications and has donated Rs17000/- in 2011-12, Rs15000/- in 2012-13 and Rs20000/- in 2013-14. Apart from this MF India has been able to donate Rs 60000/- to TMH in 2013-14.